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Unlock your business’s potential with CRS, where precision meets innovation in credit repair back-office solutions. Our expertise is designed for a variety of sectors including credit repair agencies, SMEs, financial consultants, and real estate professionals, who are eager to streamline operations and amplify growth.

Credit Repair Firms

Our comprehensive back-office support is tailored to the specific needs of credit repair businesses, optimizing operations for efficiency and accuracy.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We provide affordable outsourcing solutions to streamline your credit repair processes, allowing you to focus on growth and client relationships.


Partner with us to enhance your service offerings with expert dispute processing and compliance monitoring, ensuring your clients receive top-notch support.

Real Estate Professionals

Our expert credit repair services empower real estate professionals to assist their clients in resolving credit issues accurately and thoroughly, facilitating smoother transactions and property acquisitions.

Our services

Credit Repair Processing

Elevate your business efficiency with our top-tier Credit Repair Processing. Tailored for precision, our services streamline complex disputes, dramatically reducing turnaround times and elevating client satisfaction. Experience operational excellence that propels growth.

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Client Onboarding

Kickstart client relationships with our streamlined Onboarding process. From the first touchpoint, we ensure a seamless, transparent entry into credit repair, setting the stage for trust and long-term client engagement. Begin the journey to financial freedom with ease.

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Credit Freezes

Protect your clients’ financial integrity with our proactive Credit Freezes services. We expertly manage credit freezes to shield against fraud, giving your clients the confidence to focus on what matters most. Safeguard their future with our trusted solutions.

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Dispute Processing (Multiple Rounds)

Cut through the red tape with our robust Dispute Processing. We go the distance, not just once but multiple rounds, to ensure your clients’ credit disputes are resolved favorably. It’s not just about fixing problems—it’s about winning for your clients, every single time.

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Bureau Communication

Keep the lines of communication with credit bureaus crystal clear. Our Bureau Communication service makes sure your filings are flawless and your disputes get the attention they deserve—fast.

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CFPB/BBB Complaint Management

Tackle consumer complaints head-on with our expert CFPB/BBB Complaint Management. We handle the headaches and the legwork, keeping your business in the clear and your reputation spotless.

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Audit Services

Think of our Audit Services as your financial detail detectives. We’re on the ground checking the fine print and crunching the numbers to ensure every transaction and report is accurate. With our team, your financials are in the clear and above board, so you can make decisions with confidence.

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Documentation and Record Keeping

Keep your records as neat as a new pin with our Documentation and Record Keeping services. From audits to client files, we keep everything organized and accessible—because good business starts with great records.

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Compliance Monitoring

Stay on top of the compliance game with our eagle-eyed Compliance Monitoring. We watch the regulations so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business and serving your clients.

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Elevating Your Success
with Service Excellence.

Cost-effective Tailored Pricing for Every Need

01 Per File Basis

Cost Range: $200 - $350 per file

Ideal for thorough handling of individual client files, this pricing covers all necessary actions up to three dispute rounds, varying by case complexity.

02 Per Transaction Basis

Cost Range: $10 - $60 per transaction

Perfect for specific tasks like dispute letters, client onboarding, or bureau communications, reflecting the complexity and resources required.

03 Monthly Retainer

Cost Range: $800 - $2,000 per month

Opt for our monthly retainer for continuous, extensive support. Choose from part-time or full-time engagement with a dedicated credit repair expert, including a set transaction quota each month.

Demonstrating Excellence in Credit Repair Services


Expert Processors/Specialists


Satisfied Customers


Disputes Resolved


Years of Excellence

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101 Merritt 7 3rd Floor, Norwalk, CT 06851, United States


+1 203 286 3686

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